About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Alameda Elks Lodge! 

Whether you’re already an Elk, visiting our website for information about our lodge, or are simply interested in learning more about the Elks and about the Alameda Lodge, you are equally welcome. Elks pride themselves on their friendliness and eagerness to welcome new friends into our community. 

We invite you to get to know us. There’s information here about the history of the Elks and the history of the Alameda Lodge, and information about the many charitable endeavors the Elks support. 

We encourage you to learn about us and our efforts in the community. In addition to our dedication to helping our neighbors, we share a love of having fun together through a variety of events at our Lodge.  Please learn more and even stop by for a visit. 

We’re always looking for new members.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, please give us a call at (510) 522-1015 and ask for our Lodge Secretary at ext. 18 or stop by the Lodge for a personal tour.


Steve Giddens

Exalted Ruler 2022-2023


Grand Exalted Ruler — Paul R. Ryan (Stacey)
Wilmar, MN Lodge No. 952
Email:  mnger2021@gmail.com

CHEA President — Timothy (Tim) Jaeger (Sandy)
Napa, CA Lodge No. 832
Email: tim@cxoc.com

Fremont, CA Lodge No. 2121
Email: sheila.spangler@gmail.com

Bay Association Vice President — Jere Williams (Geri)
South San Francisco, CA Lodge No. 2091
Email:  pokyplr@gmail.com

Exalted Ruler — Steve Giddens (Leah)
Email:  exaltedruler@alamedaelks.org

Esteemed Leading Knight — Lee Watson, PER
Email:  leadingknight@alamedaelks.org

Esteemed Loyal Knight — Andrew Custer
Email:  loyalknight@alamedaelks.org

Esteemed Lecturing Knight — Steve George
Email:  lecturingknight@alamedaelks.org

Esquire — Deirdre Sargent
Email:  esquire@alamedaelks.org

Chaplain — Jeff Silva
Email:  chaplain@alamedaelks.org

Inner Guard — Rian Tiernan
Email:  innerguard@alamedaelks.org

Tiler — Ric Bierman (Shirley, PER)
Email:  tiler@alamedaelks.org

Secretary — Howard Weinman (Pam)
Office: (510) 522-1015  ext. 11
FAX: (510) 522-1227
Email:  secretary@alamedaelks.org

Treasurer — Elizabeth Dos Remedios (Chris)
Office: (510) 522-1015
FAX: (510) 522-1227
Email:  treasurer@alamedaelks.org

Lodge Musician — Robert Minot
Email:  musician@alamedaelks.org


1 Year Trustee — Mark Graham

2 Year Trustee — Roy Stout PDDGER (Diane)

3 Year Trustee — Leah Fischer

4 Year Trustee — Chris dos Remedios

5 Year Trustee — Jeff Cowell