The Rollin’ Herd is a fun and longstanding subgroup comprised of 20-30 Lodge 1015 members and camper aficionados who love to fly their flags and travel to other Elks/camping locations, spreading a combination of love for the Lodge and love for the self-sufficient open road camping experience that is hardly roughing it.

“We’ve been together with the Herd since 1971,” said Bill Lawrence, who is often a Camping Master for these trips. Lawrence’s father was also an Exalted Ruler at Lodge 1015, and he has a few stories about coming to the Lodge when he was a kid and then becoming a member of the Lodge in early adulthood.

The Rollin’ Herd Wagon Master for Elk Year 2024-2025 is Bob Sater. He and his wife, Wendy, travel in style in their 35-foot RV palace, The 5th Wheel. The Herd has seven trips planned for the year including Casa de Fruita, Sugar Barge, Oceano, and Cotillion Gardens. They also host a fun backyard roundup in our Lodge parking lot in August that is a fun way to hang out with the members, check out their rigs, eat some good food, and even sit around an inviting urban campfire!

Don’t have an RV? You can still be a member. There are a few “Herd Groupies” who follow along in their cars and stay in nearby cabins or hotels!

How to Join the Rollin’ Herd

It’s easy to join. You need to be a member in good standing of Lodge 1015. There’s a $20 fee to join and membership after that it is just $10 a year for dues. For more details on becoming a member, Bob can be reached at 510.612.8186.