Bay District Purple Pig, PER, Presidential Poker Rally

The seven Bay District lodges are hosting a Poker Rally to benefit our Elks Purple Pig Project, the PER Association, and to celebrate and introduce incoming California-Hawaii State President, Marty Mello.

What is a Poker Rally?

A Poker Rally is a car/motorcycle rally that travels to different locations to qualify for playing cards to ultimately play a hand of poker at the end. It is a controlled event that promotes responsible driving. It is not a race. Participants travel at their own, legal speed. There is no benefit to being “first” to any of the card stops. A Poker Run is a fun-filled event enjoyed by drivers and passengers alike.

What is the Purple Pig PER Presidential Poker Rally?

For this rally, the Poker game will be Seven Card Stud. The player/team receives seven cards throughout the rally and uses five of those to make a hand. Each participating vehicle drives a carefully mapped course, stopping at our seven Bay District Lodges along the route to pick up a sealed envelope containing a single playing card. At the final checkpoint, the envelopes are opened by each driver/team and the one holding the best poker hand is declared the winner!

This is a fun opportunity to visit all the Lodges in our District and meet other Elks…while raising money for our main charity, CHEMPI.

In addition to a prize for best hand, there will be prizes for:

Best poker hand combined with best time: Players will play their best hand, but ties will be determined by best time, which is the closest time to the speed limit times that were calculated by our judges. Driving too fast or too slow affects your time. We want it to be as close to the speed limit as possible throughout the entire course.

1st prize: 500.00
2nd prize: 350.00
3rd prize: 150.00


Best car: best classic car or best decorated, determined by the always reliable “popular vote.”

1st prize: 250.00
2nd prize: 150.00
3rd prize: 50.00
Note: When yo go to the link, there is an option for dinner and casino night only – 50.00 for dinner and casino.

How do I register for the Rally?

Registration for each driver/vehicle is $100.

Registration for each additional passenger is $50. (Ex.: a seven-passenger minivan would total $400. $100 for the van and driver and then $50 for each of the six non-driving passengers. A motorcycle would be $100.)

What is included?

Continental breakfast at Alameda Lodge 1015. Sandwich box lunch at South San Francisco Lodge 2091. Taco bar at the last stop, Fremont Lodge 2121. This also includes nonalcoholic drinks and snacks for drivers. Lodge tours. A sheet of tickets for various prize drawings. And a round of chips for the Casino Night at Fremont Lodge.

Can I just attend the dinner and casino night at the Fremont Lodge? 

You sure can! It’s $50 for just that option. When you click on that link, you can select that option in the dropdown menu!

It will be a fun-filled day in Bay District Elkdom!

Registration deadline: Mar. 9, 2024

The Rally kicks off with breakfast at Lodge 1015, 2255 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda CA 94501

Rally Date: Mar. 16, 2024

Time: 9 am

Have more questions? Email here.