Social Dance Committee Hosts “Vintage Dance” Every Tuesday, 7-9 pm

Led by PERL Cathleen Myers, the Alameda Lodge Social Dance Committee offers vintage dance lessons on Tuesday nights in our beautiful Lodge Room. Lessons are free to members and spouses. Non-Elks are welcome to join us for a small $10 donation.


Myers offers her knowledge, joy, and passion to the evening along with her husband, James (PER) and a community of friends who share this same enthusiasm.

This regular group of dancers is eager to share their expertise, so you can come solo and be ensured to have a partner. The first half of the lessons are for beginners, but after a taste, many feel confident to try the more advanced dances in the second hour. The goal is to have fun and meet an amazing community.

Vintage Dance

Lodge Ballroom, Tuesdays, 7 pm – 9 pm

Admission is free to members; $10 donation for non-members