Every third Wednesday of the month the Mahogany Room fills with a throng of “BuncoManiacs” who gather for a potluck and boisterously roll dice for the coveted matched three!

Started by PERL Elizabeth Dos Remedios, Lodge Bunco has emerged as a highlight and a don’t-miss evening among our regular lodge events.

No knowledge of the game is necessary to play. Just grab a spot, a pen, and your scorecard and your fellow dicers will show you how it works. However, if you are the type that likes to know what you’re getting into, this tutorial is GREAT. Ultimately, the scores don’t matter as much as the fun. This event is for members, their spouses, family, and friends. Regulars include women, men, and teens!

Let’s roll!

  • $5 donation to the Purple Pig to play
  • Buncomaniac Potluck, 6 pm
  • Dice roll, 7 pm
  • In the card room