Alameda Lodge 1015 will host the Bay District Ritual Contest and Dinner, May 3-4. This contest brings the Ritual teams all across the district to the Lodge to show what they’ve been practicing. Competition begins Friday evening and continues until Saturday and ends with a dinner to celebrate the hard work and announce the winners.

Members in good standing from all over the District are invited and encouraged to attend!

Your new officers of Lodge 1015 have been practicing are ready to prove our meddle.

Many members ask “Why do we do this?”

Our ritual of initiation is the most important and the most elaborate of any Lodge ceremony. It is designed to instruct and inspire the initiate and to secure their assumption of the solemn and binding obligation of membership. Ritual is conducted with dignity and decorum and is wholly devoid of any feature which will embarrass or annoy the candidate, or subject them to ridicule or to any discomfort, physical or mental. The words of the ritual were carefully crafted to convey what being an Elk is all about. Also, a ritual is what distinctly sets a Fraternal Organization apart from just any old club, so this piece is vital to being a Lodge. Elks across the country take pride in these words and our contest helps solidify this respect.

Plus, it’s fun to engage in a little friendly competition, right?

Winners of the Bay District contest will go on to represent the District at our 2024 state convention in Fresno.

Fri. May 3: Ritual competition begins, 6:30 pm (Lodge 1015 kicks it off!)

Sat. May 4: Ritual competition continues, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Sat. May 4: Cocktails, after last team is finished; Dinner, 7 pm; Awards, 8:30 pm

Cost: $30 per person, purchase tickets below, or pay at the door by cash or check (made out to Alameda Lodge 1015). RSVP by email to our First Lady by Thu. May 2, 2024.

Menu: Chicken enchiladas and chile rellenos with Spanish rice and vegetarian pasta

Dress: Casual