I’m sure you’ll hear more about this street fair from friends and family, the first in town since the pandemic, but we really had a great time running the drink ticket booth on Sun., Jul. 30. The current Downtown Business Association’s president is our very own Elk, Jone Stebbins. She suggested to the membership committee that we pull a group together to volunteer. I know we have done this in the past, but in my current role as membership chair or as a member, I had yet to have the chance to be a part of or to organize such a thing.

The volunteer response to sign up was fantastic. Elks signed up right away to fill all the slots, with a few to spare (and they were needed to keep up with the demand). It got a little tight and wobbly in the booth as we worked to establish our “legs”, but it didn’t take long to have all of the Elks running those ticket sales like a well-oiled machine.

A big thank you to members, Kirsten Fairbanks, Trustee Jeff Cowell, PER Lynn Glick, David Grayson, Brian Kennedy, Art and Terry Kurrasch, Lodge Esquire Jeff Silva, Nathan Nebrija, Marcedel Sims, Jone Stebbins, and Lisa Ann Young. (If I forgot anyone, let me know). Special thanks to Jone, for whipping up some pretty amazing Elks logo’d aprons for the volunteers! Special thanks, also, to Suzanne Martin, for sending two big boxes of Pocky that we were able to hand out to kids.

These Elks showed up on time, ready for action, and we were able to swiftly transition for each shift. We also hope to be able to run a ticket booth for both days next year. Everyone seemed to have a really good time and it was also great to have other Elks pop by to say hi and support!

One of the BEST ways to meet new Elks outside of your comfort circle is to volunteer for something like this!

Any other community volunteer ideas, let the membership committee know!

Lynn Landry