The Lodge celebrated our new Exalted Ruler, Mark Graham, First Lady and Lodge Chaplain, Rian Tiernan. The theme was “Starry Night” and the Lodge was transformed into an elegant, sparkly nighttime wonderland. Lecturing Knight, Dre Sargent, planned a wonderful opening champagne toast and then led everyone to the Lodge Room that included constellations on the ceiling and candlelight. The officer corps, as is tradition, were introduced by PER Steve Giddens, and promenaded around our grand room. Attendees were offered an amazing feast from Alameda’s Dragon Rouge, and a fun set of dancing tunes from Marcus our DJ.

Photos from Stephanie Dos Remedios are HERE, but the one above was one your editor captured of the last holdouts dancing for joy while one of the Lodge ghosts (not kidding!) interrupted with songs of her own. It was this skeptical editor’s first encounter with Lodge spirits and I may become a believer! The ghost seemed jovial and just wanted to be a part of the party, so that’s a good thing!

Here’s a great one of Rian and Mark: