Experience the ambiance of those prohibition times at our own Lodge 1015 “secret lair.” (It ain’t no dive, though.) History tells us that even before Prohibition, Alameda was a dry island! In fact, Heinhold’s First and Last Chance Saloon was so named because it was the first place to get a drink after leaving on the ferry for San Francisco, and the last chance before you went home. 

But surely there must have been a little hanky panky going on in certain nooks and crannies! Don’t tell the coppers, but we’ll be serving the hooch to those “in the know.”

Everyone should follow the house rule and “Speakeasy”. The term comes from a patron’s manner of ordering alcohol without raising suspicion – a bartender would tell a patron to be quiet and ‘speak easy’.

Allow yourself to step back in time. Pin your diapers and put on the dog. Set aside your modern devices and bean shooters and belly up to the bar, take in some jazz and soon you’ll be making it with the flappers and flaming youths. (For more 1920s slang, go here.)

Your lodge barkeeps will be slinging the hooch and the kitchen crew will have some snacks to chew.

Get your tickets and we’ll send you the code. If you ain’t got the code, you’re all wet.