Elks National Foundation

The mission of the Elks National Foundation is to help Elks build stronger communities. We fulfill this pledge by investing in communities where Elks live and work. We provide tomorrow’s leaders, our youth, with lifelong skills; honor the Elks’ pledge to never forget our veterans; help the state Elks associations accomplish their charitable objectives and fund projects that improve the quality of life in local Elks communities.  At its February meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Elks National Foundation Board of Trustees approved appropriations and distributions for the 2017 fiscal year totaling a record $29.5 million.  Here’s a list of our Major Programs:

Community Investments Program — The Community Investments Program invests $9.77 million in Elks communities across the country through Lodge grants that help Elks meet local needs.

State Elks Association Grants — Each year, the Elks National Foundation strives to grant more money back to each state than it received from that state in donations. These grants help fund the state Elks associations’ major charitable projects, which include aid for people with disabilities, cancer research, children’s hospitals, youth camps, and safe havens for abused families. The state associations also use these grants to fund their Hoop Shoot, Soccer Shoot, Drug Awareness and scholarship programs, as well as other charitable and philanthropic projects.  This year, the Elks National Foundation will grant $9.1 million to the state Elks associations.

Scholarship Programs — Each year, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks National Scholarship Program grants $4,300,000 in college scholarships and grants and the 2016-2017 application year has just concluded.  To view the full list of available scholarships awarded by the Elks National Foundation, the California-Hawaii State Association and Alameda Elks Lodge #1015, please click here.

Elks National Veterans Service Program — The Elks National Veterans Service Commission was established in 1946, immediately after World War II, with the sole mission of serving our nation’s veterans. Though much has changed since then, the Elks’ dedication to serve veterans and military members in need has never wavered. In VA clinics, veterans’ homes, USOs, homeless shelters and more, thousands of Elks volunteers give generously of their time, energy and resources to serve veterans and military members each year.

Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Contest — A Free Throw Program for Youth Ages 8-13.  The 2017 Hoop Shoot National Finals will take place April 22, 2017 in Chicago, IL.

Elks Drug Awareness Program —  The Elks sponsor the largest volunteer drug awareness program in the United States. We are very proud of our dedicated army of volunteers who freely give their time and talents to this most noble cause. The Elks are committed to eliminating the use and abuse of illegal drugs by all members of society and believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country, it is essential that our children be raised in a drug-free environment.

Elks Memorial Building Maintenance — A monument in the truest sense, the Elks National Memorial was built in 1926 to honor Americans whose profound sacrifices for the nation can never be recognized by mere words. With its massive dome, heroic sculptures and intricately detailed friezes, the Memorial is a distinctively American interpretation of classical greatness.

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