• Welcome to our 2017 Antlers Officers!

    With great honor and pride, we installed our 2017 slate of Antlers Officers on Sunday morning.   In the past year, this group of young people, and future Elks, did great work and set a great example in the community.

    They have adopted as one of their primary charities the DreamCatchers shelter for underage homeless in Oakland. The only shelter in Alameda and Contra Costa counties to serve underage homeless. The Antlers go once a month and bring dinner, as food is not always available at the shelter. In fact, when they brought dinner a couple weeks ago they came in just as the stove broke down. They have made shoulder bags and filled them with toiletries and other essentials for the girls at the shelter, and with some financial help from the Elks, the Antlers have been able to purchase for the shelter beds, bedding, towels and other necessities you and I take for granted. Their “let’s just do this” attitude is very inspiring. Also, you should know that the Grand Lodge is watching the example our Antlers are setting as a blueprint for future Antler programs throughout Elkdom.


    We congratulate ER Juliana and her officers and we  wish them another wonderful year in Elkdom.

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