• Helping Dreamcatcher Family Services

    The Alameda Elks have supported Dreamcatcher Family Services this year.  We are grateful to our members and our Antlers who have contributed so much this past year.  This is an example of the good that you’re bringing to the world.

    This girl’s story has a happy ending.

    Ruween came from years on the street and surfing couches at the homes of friends and sometimes strangers. Eventually, an exploiter found her. For the next two years she was commercially sexually exploited 14hrs a day, 7 days a week.

    When she turned 16 she promised herself she would try to get away.

    She found an organization that tried to help, but trust comes slowly and to take advantage of their support, she needed a safe bed. They brought her to DreamCatcher so she could have a safe place to stay. She owned nothing but the clothing the exploiter had supplied. DreamCatcher provided age appropriate clothing and school supplies. She returned to school for the first time in 4 years.

    By mid-semester she was making A’s. Shortly after, . . .  she turned 17 and had the first Birthday party that she had ever had in her life here at Dreamcatcher. She is starting college in the fall, she is in a transitional housing program and she is interning in an organization helping girls in circumstances similar to what she has experienced. What a gift to our world and community!

    What a tragedy it would have been to lose her.

    Never doubt that even the smallest gift makes a giant difference, each bus pass, each gift card, each piece of clothing, a haircut and connection happens and a life is changed.

    If you would like to donate to Dreamcatcher, please click here.

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