• Heard It On the Radio Concert

    radio1We had a marvelous night of fun on Saturday as Heather Watson, Cary Litchford and Jay Shockley treated us to a cabaret performance of classic songs that we all heard “On the Radio”.  Heather began in the 1940’s and took us up through the years all the way to Adele and Lady Gaga.  Of course, there were stops in Motown and in the Disco.


    We gathered in our Rathskeller Lounge and enjoyed custom made beverages, professionally served by Doug Timney.

    Here’s a sample of Heather singing with one of her friends, Todd.

    To see more videos of Heather singing, please visit our new YOUTUBE channel.

    Don’t you wonder how Heather and friends are going to top this next month?  (Just kidding)


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