• Best 4th of July Float Ever!

    TrophyThe 4th of July parade was a huge success! The Lodge’s entry, ‘Picture Yourself an Elk’, received top honors for “Best Float” in the City of Alameda Mayor’s Fourth of July Parade. Crewed by 28 enthusiastic Members and guests, the float received lots of cheers from the more than 20,000 spectators. Our winning float featured a 1/8 scale model of the Lodge and large photographs of Elks having fun performing a wide range of community activities. Photographs of spectators “picturing themselves as Elks” were posted on the Lodge website, garnering more than 5,000 social media impressions between Facebook and alamedaelks.org. Three hundred new people visited our website.

    Our Members should be proud that Alameda recognizes the work we do to contribute to our community and its members. What makes us a success is our Members and the hard work they do all year, but what really put us over the top this year were our Baby Elks; half the committee was made up of new Members! Their fresh ideas and enthusiasm made all the difference. Be sure to involve them in your committee.

    Close to forty members helped in some way in making our float a winner, and Gary Randall and I pp1
    would like to give a special thanks to all the members who volunteered their time and energy: Baby Elks Jean and Lisa Lunquist, Cary Litchford, Rodger Soohoo, Margie Araquistain, and La Donna Franco for coming up with the concept, organizing, designing, building and crewing the float; Frank Ghiglione for providing the truck from Rodger’s Trucking; Tom Gorham for driving the truck; Ken Haslam for organizing the bbq; Lynne Lathbury for her brilliant idea to take pictures of parade spectators and encouraging them to visit our website; Lee Watson for repairing the lodge model, providing his general construction skills and taking hundreds  of pictures along the parade route; Jim Kaczkowski for puttng the pictures on our website and getting all those hits; Tamara Hilton for painting the lodge model with the new paint scheme; and all the rest of the crew who helped along the way.
    Thank You,
    Chris dos Remedios

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