• Alameda Elks Award 2016 College Scholarships

    schol3As part of our historic tradition of awarding scholarships to support our nation’s youth, as they go off to college, the Alameda Elks awarded four Lodge Scholarships to area students this past Sunday, as part of our Flag Day Ceremony.



    We extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes to this year’s winners:

    Julia Landreth

    Grace Falkner

    Stephanie Kenyon

    Carly Veasy

    This program is exclusive to children and/or grandchildren (or otherwise legal dependents) of Alameda Elks Lodge #1015 members who have been active for approximately two years. It involves a separate application from the national Elks MVS or Elks Legacy scholarship programs, and provides up to four scholarships of $6,000 in total, paid in four equal installments.schol1

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