• We hope you enjoyed our April Fools prank

    If you’re a member of the Lodge’s Facebook community, by now you’ve probably seen our post last Friday.   AprFoolFBWe announce that the Lodge had been vandalized and that authorities had been notified.  When visitors clicked on the post, they arrived at this April Fools message.  We had a lot of laughs and fun.

    More importantly, that post was seen by 1400 people on Facebook.  That means people in Alameda and friends from other Lodges see how much fun we’re having at Elks Lodge 1015.

    Social media is a team sport.  When you see posts you like or posts about events you enjoyed, don’t just “Like” them.  “Share” them with your friends so more people outside the Lodge see the fun we’re having. Thanks very much to everyone who liked, shared and commented on our post.  You all helped to make it a success.

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